About creative

In addition to designing operating strategies and communication, we use a sense of creativity that best for its purpose, such as graphics, video, and other digital media, spinning yet further new threads into the growing story of the company.


Strategy &Branding

  • Strategy
  • Branding
  • Communication

Helixes’ strategy team supports brand launches and renewals. We plan solid operational strategy which specifically captures the business objectives. We design appropriate stories for the brand as well as the communication needed to convey them to the consumer.

Our services


  • Film
  • Music
  • Copywriting

We approach with the optimal expression with images, music, copywriting, etc. for users targeted by the brand. Maxilla is our business where we have developed our technical capability through many achievements and is the team’s strength.

Our services


  • Web
  • Apps
  • UI/UX

We work on design and implementation of communication. We deal with digital products including providing websites and apps. The experience which we deliver to the users through strategic design fosters strong connection between the brand and users.

Our services


  • Graphic
  • Apparel
  • Photo

We support brands in delivering the message which the brand truly wants to convey visually. Our services cover across a wide range of services such as suggestion of the visual to be used, graphic production such as logos and packages, and so on.

Our services


  • Representative
  • Management
  • Curation

We offer an efficient, cross-functional team in order to handle issues flexibly. We progress the project with versatile and highly specialized external partners such as designers, track makers, illustrators and so on.

Our services