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This Terms of Use stipulates the conditions for using each of the sites below (collectively “Our Websites”) run by Helixes Inc. (the “Company”).

The users of Our Websites (the “user” or “users”) should read the terms below before using this site; please only use this site if you agree to these terms.


As a general rule, you are free to link to this site. However, we will refuse sites that could hurt the confidence of this site or drastically misrepresent their function.

Copyright and Other Rights

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Although the services, systems, and content posted to this site are given due consideration, we take no responsibility for their completeness, accuracy, or usefulness. The user assumes full responsibility for using this site. Our company and business partners are absolutely not responsible for any trouble, loss, or even harm, caused by the usage of this site or information featured on this site. The same applies to any website that links to this site.

Changes to Terms of Use

Please be aware that we may change the terms of use without notice.

Cookie Policy

Part of Our Website uses “cookies” and similar technology. When the website is accessed, the Company or a specified third party might set a cookie in your computer, tablet, smartphone, or mobile phone (“Device”).

The Company uses cookies to make Our Websites more convenient when Our Websites are viewed. The cookies are not used to identify your personal or other information, to read information from your hard disk, to send computer viruses, or to identify your email address. In addition, cookies are used for statistical analysis of Our Websites usage conditions and advertising. Accepting the use of cookies is recommended when using Our Websites.

This cookie policy will be suitably revised as necessary. Revisions to this cookie policy become effective when the latest version of the cookie policy is posted on Our Websites by the Company.

Please make inquiries regarding this cookie policy using the given contact information.


A cookie is a small text file that is saved on the hard drive or memory of your Device by the browser software. The cookie set in your Device by the Company does not include information that can identify the individual, but it can provide functions for personalization and for providing target ads based on sites you have accessed previously.

Almost all web browsers automatically accept cookies, but in most cases the browser settings can be changed. For additional information regarding searching and managing cookies, refer to “Method for using the browser settings for searching and managing cookies.”

A cookie does not identify the individual user, but just specifies the device and browser used. (Specific cookies can be associated with individual information, but such information is used when the account linked to the information has selected to exchange information between that account and Our Websites.)

Web beacon

A web beacon is a small image file (called “clear GIF,” etc.) that is embedded in the website and it can identify if you have visited that website and if so, how many times.

Generally, the electronic images that are seen as part of the website, including ad banners, can function as web beacons. Web beacons are generally very small, and are a file like a 1×1 pixel banner.

The web beacons used by the Company do not collect personal information, statistically analyze it, view it, or share it but just create anonymous statistics about the website use. The web beacon system the Company uses to collect this information is a system called Google Analytics that is provided by Google, Inc. ( Web beacons have the same effect as cookies, so references in this policy that refer to cookies also refer to web beacons.

Use and purpose of the cookies of the Company and third parties

The use of a cookie by the Company or a third party when you visit Our Websites is classified into one of the following categories.

  1. Mandatory cookie

    This is a mandatory cookie that is used to move around the webpage or for webpage functions.

    For example, this provides site functions for accessing secure pages and for preserving across pages the information from text entered into forms during the visit.

    Disabling this cookie could affect the operation of Our Websites during use, such as preventing access to specific areas in Our Websites or making it no longer possible to use all or part of Our Websites services.

  2. Performance cookie

    This cookie is used to obtain information for improving the website by analyzing website usage and counting the number of visitors.

    For example, it collects information about website use, such as the browser or OS you use, the domain names of websites you have visited in the past, average visit time, and viewed pages. This collected information is added together and is anonymous data that cannot be used to identify the individual. Our Websites uses Google Analytics, the access analysis tool provided by Google for access analysis.

Method for using the browser settings for searching and managing cookies

The browser settings can be used to display and control the cookies set in the Device you are currently using. In addition, all the cookies can be deleted and the cookies that can be set in the device in the future can be restricted.

Third party cookies in particular might already be saved in the Device before they are disabled. Such cookies cannot be deleted for technical reasons. Please use the browser settings of the Device being used. Please refer to the following links for information regarding the representative browser settings.

Google Chrome / Firefox / Microfsoft Edge / Safari

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is used by Our Websites to assess Our Websites usage conditions. Google Analytics uses cookies to collect user information. Please refer to the respective sites below for an explanation of the Google Analytics Terms of Use and Privacy Policy as well as stopping the use of data (opt out).

Google LLC