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About us

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Helixes inc.is a full-service creative firm that helps customers to achieve
their business objectives through creativity.


What we do

We provide services including digital advertising, development of brands or digital products or artist management by using our out-of-the-box thinking approaches, holistic planning techniques and creativity.
Our professional teams across each of our business departments will help customers to meet their needs and we will never fail to continue to expand our creativity that lies in the heart of all our creations.

Creative Direction

Through our creativity we offer a new dimension to your company brand. We appropriately plan to solve your business challenges, offering our services from all stages- from the start to the execution. Our use of graphics, videos, digital etc. has no limits and we will always deliver innovative approaches to optimize our creative methods.

Product Development

By using our cutting edge ideas and approaches, we create new products within our own original brand. Whether that being our apparel brand or application development, both our physical and digital creative experience will help create our innovative and a “feel good” experiences. We will offer a whole new culture and value for the global world to see.

Artist Management

To deliver a flexible solution making, we focus on building an effective team that absolutely has no limits. We work with our talented and professional directors, track makers, and illustrator partners to optimize our creative design process to help meet your needs.

Our Division

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